About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the fastest, most professional, and best-educated truck delivers in the industry. The skill developed at YUBA SUTTER TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL will provide a lifetime of earning potential. Our directors, teachers and staff will also strive to see that our graduates find the kinds of jobs in trucking that will provide secure features for themselves and their families. The trucking industry needs professionally trained drivers, establishing these drivers is what we consider our accomplishment.

Our Story

Each year thousands of men and women begin new careers as professional truck drivers.They come from all walks of life and kinds of backgrounds.Their individual reasons for choosing a career as professional truck drivers are many, but there are some common reasons.The desire for freedom, independence, to do something exciting and travel and see the country are often mentioned, along with the ability to earn a good income, and having a solid career.

yubaMy partner and I shared in the vision of becoming commercial truck drivers. Though we have different reasons for doing so, and had yet to meet one another, our common goal was the same. As young married men and father’s of young children my partner and I sought an exciting career that allowed us to earn the kind of income necessary to provide for our families while establishing a solid foundation with which to grow and prosper. Along with our success and knowledge of the truck driving industry my partner and I met and decided to put our skills to use and establish Yuba Sutter Truck Driving School. The Adventure has given us both a chance to give back to those who are looking to succeed in this very rewarding industry. Our shared enthusiasm and belief in establishing professional truck drivers keep our partnership on track for success and assists us in producing some of the very best truck drivers in the trucking industry.

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